An introduction to the general management practices of ITIL 4


A practice is a set of organisational resources designed for performing work or accomplishing an objective. These resources are grouped into the four dimensions of service management: value streams and processes; organisations and people; information and technology; partners and suppliers.

What are the general management practices?

The ITIL 4 service value system includes 14 general management practices, 17 service management practices, and 3 technical management practices.

  • General management practices: adopted and adapted for service management from general business management domains.
  • Service management practices: developed in service management and ITSM industries.
  • Technical management practices: adapted from technology management domains for service management purposes by expanding or shifting their focus from technology solutions to IT services.

The general management practices are as follows:

Further information on the items covered in this section can be found in the book ITIL® Foundation, ITIL 4 edition, chapter 5.1.